Insert Bearings

Insert Bearings

Able to withstand harsh environments and simple to install, insert bearings are ideal for many applications. With Online Bearing Store in your corner, you can get the insert bearings you need at wholesale prices.

What Are Insert Bearings? 

Insert bearings are radial bearings that have been adapted to fit into a housing and are often used for mounting on shafts. What sets them apart is the ability to be slip-fitted directly onto shafts and secured using setscrews or a locking device. Standard radial bearings require specific installation tools. 


Also called adapted radial bearings, this bearing type offers a variety of benefits. Examples include: 


- Long Service Life

- Cost-Effective

- Easy To Use 

- Lubrication Is Simple

- Can Be Designed With Seals Or Shields 

- Can Handle Large Loads 


A hassle-free installation method makes insert ball bearings perfect for many applications. Common uses include: 


- Textile Machinery

- Conveyor Systems 

- Food-Handling Equipment

- Agriculture Machinery 

- Packaging Equipment

- Car Washing Machinery

- Fitness Equipment 


Your Insert Bearing Supplier

Online Bearing Store is a supplier of high-quality bearings designed to reduce the wear of rotating, contacting part surfaces. By focusing on large-quantity orders, we can keep prices down. With a vast inventory in stock, our team can meet client needs on time and within budget.


Why Work With Us?

Whether you aim to minimize friction, lower costs, increase life, or decrease maintenance, Online Bearing Store can deliver a solution. We’d love your business. 


Contact us for more information about wholesale insert bearings. We’re happy to discuss your specific situation in greater detail.