Thrust Bearings

Thrust Bearings

What are Thrust Bearings?

A thrust bearing is a rotary bearing designed to support axial loads on rotating shafts, enabling smooth rotation under high thrust loads. The rotating shaft’s axial load is absorbed into the stationary housing or mount within which the thrust bearing turns.


Advantages of Thrust Bearings

-Improves Reliability

-High Load Capacity

-Withstands Harsh Environments

-Easily Mountable And Dismountable

-Many Types Are Available

-Low Friction Ratio For Rotary Bearings

-Runs Cool At High Speeds


Thrust Bearings Applications

This bearing type is ideal for reducing friction and absorbing the axial forces generated by helical gears, such as those in automotive, heavy machinery, and aircraft gearbox applications. Further uses include boat and ship propellers, rotating machine tools, centrifuges, and textile manufacturing equipment.


Types Of Thrust Bearings

When you need large quantities of thrust bearings, Online Bearing Store is here to help. Dealing with only sizable orders saves time and money, perks that are happily passed along to you. We carry several thrust bearings manufactured from many materials to meet your unique needs. Types of thrust bearings we supply include:


Thrust Ball Bearings - This bearing type is comprised of bearing balls supported in a ring and is suitable for applications with minimal or low axial loading


Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearings - Characterized by small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axes pointing toward the bearing axis, this bearing offers outstanding carrying capacity at an inexpensive price point 


Tapered Roller Thrust Bearings - These bearings consist of little tapered rollers that converge on bearing axes, and each roller end moves smoothly on the bearing face when the proper taper is achieved


Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings - This bearing type is designed to withstand combined radial and axial loads as well as shaft misalignment by using asymmetrical rollers with spherical shapes, which roll inside a housed washer that has a raceway with a spherical inner shape


Miniature Thrust Bearings - These bearings are designed to withstand axial or thrust loads, but are characterized by having a smaller size than standard thrust bearings

Online Bearings Store - Your Wholesale Solution

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