Mounted Bearings

Mounted Bearings

A mounted bearing may do the trick when you need to keep a component aligned during rotation. Get quality mounted bearings at wholesale prices by turning to Online Bearing Store.

What Are Mounted Bearings? 

Mounted bearings are used to support the ends of rotating equipment such as shafts and conveyor rollers. They’re comprised of a block or housing and the bearings themselves. The bearing rests within the housing, which protects against unwanted debris and contaminants. 


There’s no need to machine a bearing housing in a surrounding casing with mounted ball bearings. They come fully assembled and ready to be bolted directly to frames, stanchions, or other structural elements. They offer a variety of benefits. 


- Cost-Effective

- Easy To Use 

- Precise Motion Control

- Supports High Loads

- Long Lifespan

- Low Maintenance 


Mounted bearings are found in a wide array of applications. Some examples include: 


- Industrial Machinery

- Conveyor Systems  

- Office Equipment

- Electronic Devices

- Power Tools


Your Mounted Bearing Supplier

Improve your application with mounted bearings from Online Bearing Store. We specialize in delivering bulk quantities of high-performance bearings. Working only with large quantities saves us time and money, benefits we happily pass along to our clients. 


Types of mounted bearings we carry include: 2-Bolt Flange Bearings, 3-Bolt Flange Bearings, 4-Bolt Flange Bearings, Conveyor Hanger Mounted Bearings, Cylindrical Cartridge Bearings, Pillow Block Bearings, and Take-Up Flange Bearings.


Why Work With Us?

Reach new performance levels with mounted bearings from the experts at Online Bearing Store. With an extensive in-house inventory and vast product knowledge, we can help you find the best bearing for your process swiftly and professionally. 


By ordering wholesale mounted bearings, you get the product you need at a cut-rate price. Even better, they’re wherever you want, whenever you need. 

Online Bearings Store - Your Wholesale Solution

Whether you need to minimize friction, lower costs, increase life, or decrease maintenance, Online Bearing Store has bearing solutions that meet your criteria. 


Contact our Experts for additional information about wholesale bearings. Our Team stands ready to discuss your specific needs in greater detail.