Linear Bearings

Linear Bearings

Linear bearings may be the optimal solution when you need to carry loads, resist friction, or support motion. Improve your application’s performance with high-quality linear bearings from Online Bearing Store.


What Are Linear Bearings? 

A linear bearing provides a low-friction sliding surface, helping streamline motion in a straight line with high accuracy. Also called linear bushings, this bearing type offers many benefits:


- Precise Motion Control
- Superior Rigidity
- Supports High Loads
- Long Lifespan
- Low Maintenance 

Linear ball bearings come in many styles and have vast load capacities. Common ones include Air Bearings, Ball Spline Bearings, Linear Ball Bushings, Plain Linear Bearings, Linear Motion Guide Rail Bearings, Flat Roller Cage Bearings, and Linear Roller Bearings.


As the name states, linear bearings are designed to help things move linearly. They’re a perfect motion-control or friction-reducing solution for many applications, such as:


- Machine Tools
- Sliding Doors
- 3D Printers
- Robotics
- Electronic Devices
- X-Ray Machines
- Operating Room Beds
- MRI Scanners
- Automotive Subassemblies

Your Linear Bearing Supplier
When you need linear ball bearings on time and at affordable prices, turn to the experts at Online Bearing Store. A leading supplier of high-performance bearings, we can deliver the products you require, whenever and wherever you need them.


Why Work With Us? 

The Online Bearing Store team has decades of experience helping customers find the best product for their situation. Our team has access to bearings that feature the latest precision, speed, and temperature regulation advancements. They take every opportunity to ensure the bearings you select will fit, form, and function as intended. 


You get the quality bearings you need at affordable prices by buying wholesale linear bearings. What’s more, they’re delivered quickly and backed by our dedicated customer support team.


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Whether you need to minimize friction, lower costs, increase life, or decrease maintenance, Online Bearing Store has bearing solutions that meet your criteria. 


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