Linear Shafts

What are Bearing Shafts?

Shafts play a pivotal role in linear motion machines and devices. They provide places for bearing attachment and act as inner raceways, improving system wear and life. 


Benefits Of Bearing Shafts

Shafts for bearing applications are typically made of bearing-grade carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Two significant factors that support wear resistance and assembly performances are shaft surface finish and hardness.


Surface Finish - This refers to the roughness of a shaft’s surface, which is measured by how much the surface topography varies from an ideal plane. Most bearings operate best with ground or polished shafts that have lower roughness values. 


Hardness - As the name states, this measures the shaft material’s surface hardness. Since heavier loads place more stress on the shaft’s surface, they require higher hardness values than lighter loads.


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