Plain Bearings

Plain Bearings

What Are Plain Bearings? 

Plain bearings are cylindrical devices designed to support loads and aid the movement of two or more contacting surfaces. They’re placed between rotating or sliding shafts and stationary support members to minimize friction, vibration, and noise while increasing efficiency and longevity. 


Why Are Plain Bearings Beneficial?

Incorporating plain bearings into an application can be very advantageous. They offer the following traits: 



-Low Cost

-Lessens Noise 

-Reduces Vibration 

-Requires Less Space

-Easy Installation 

-Permit High Rotational Speeds

-Greater Shock Resistance 


Types Of Plain Bearings

Plain bearings come in many designs. While similar, they have unique characteristics.


Friction Plain Bearings - These bearings make contact with moving surfaces, and they are usually separated by an oil film.


Rolling Plain Bearings - Comprised of two rolling rings separated by rolling elements that are located between them, they facilitate rolling motion. 


Self-Lubricating Plain Bearings - Manufactured from materials that absorb oils, they require no external lubrication. 


Spherical Plain Bearings - This bearing type has an inner ring with a spherical convex outside surface and an outer ring with a corresponding sphere but concave inside surface. It’s designed to support oscillating or tilting movement. 

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