Roller Bearings

Roller Bearings

Online Bearing Store supplies a large variety of roller bearings and needle roller bearings. Roller bearings are any cylindrical or spherical object that aids in the movement of an object greater in size than the bearing itself. They are weight distribution-oriented bearings; this means they utilize many points of contact between a circular housing that contains the internal rolling elements, such as ball bearings, that sit within a collar. These bearing systems use the decrease in rolling resistance as a means of increasing the efficiency of moving an object. Roller bearings typically fall within three categories: cylindrical, tapered, and needle.

What are Roller Bearings?

Roller bearings are assemblies that support the movement of objects greater in size than the bearing itself. By leveraging points of contact between a circular housing containing internal rolling elements that sit within a collar, they increase the efficiency of moving contacting items. 


Advantages of Roller Bearings

This bearing is designed to transform sliding friction between a shaft and axle seat into rolling friction, which reduces wear and tear while supporting radial, axial, and thrust loads. Additional benefits of roller bearings include: 


-Compact Size

-High Precision

-Large Load Support

-Long Service Life


Types Of Roller Bearings

Roller bearings typically fall into cylindrical, tapered, spherical, thrust, and needle categories. Each one offers unique performance benefits. 


Cylindrical Roller Bearings - This bearing type has a cage and inner ring, which holds several micro-cylinders. It’s designed to accommodate thermal expansion during power transmission, enabling the bearing to offer high performance and durability, even during stressful conditions.


Tapered Roller Bearings - Tapered roller bearings feature an angular design, which supports handling loads from radial and axial directions.


Needle Roller Bearings - This bearing type has a greater number of cylinders, which are usually longer and thinner. This design aims to minimize friction on higher radial loads and reduce the misalignment risks.


 Drawn Shell Cup Needle Roller Bearings - These bearings have high length-to-diameter ratios and may be lubricated with grease or oil-based lubricants. 


Spherical Roller Bearings - Spherical roller bearings have cross-sections with rolling components, which aim to improve carrying capacity and reduce friction economy between the components. They also accommodate misalignment. 


Thrust Bearings - A thrust roller bearing has a cross-section with rolling components. It rotates between parts, reducing friction and supporting axial loads.

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